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GUARD POWER™ Remote Display Unit (RDU-Series)

Remote Display Unit (RDU) Series includes RDU-81 and RDU-82

The GUARD LEVEL® Remote Display Unit (RDU) is a series of rugged remote display instruments. Our two distinct models – RDU-81 and RDU-82 – have different connection options.

The RDU-81 is specifically designed for the CARGORADAR® units and uses a 4-wire connection. The RDU-82 is similar to the RDU-81 except it is designed as a universal display for any 4-20mA/HART type 2-wire sensor. It’s ideal for remote display for the Hydrostatic Pressure Transducer (HPT) series of pressure sensors.

Each display can be mounted up to 82 feet (25 meters) away from the radar sensor. Both units contains a full graphic LCD display for level, volume pressure or temperature with a light for nighttime viewing. Imperial and metric options are also available. Both displays have a rugged cast stainless steel 316L housing with a viewing window and is suitable for classified “Safe” and, when requested, “Hazardous” area usage. Choose optional Bluetooth functionality for easy wireless setup.

The product information PDF can be found here.

GUARD POWER™ Remote Display Unit (RDU-Series)

Product Features

The GUARD LEVEL® Remote Display Unit (RDU) is a series of rugged remote display instruments made for radar or pressure sensors.

Additional Information


-Rugged remote display for generic 4-20MA and CARGORADAR® sensors (up to 25m or 82' away)
– Graphic LCD display with light for nighttime viewing
– English or metric display
– Choose level, volume, pressure, or temperature display
– 100% 316L stainless steel construction
– IP66/68 NEMA 4x type 6P enclosure
– Optional Bluetooth for easy wireless setup

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