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Our valve control products are simple, low-cost, and reliable, making them the preferred choice for tank and large ocean-going barges.

Sturdy, stainless-steel hand wheels with optional speeds.

The simplicity, reliability, and low cost of manual valve control products makes them the best method of valve control for tank barges and larger ocean-going type ATB tank barges.

At Bergan Marine Systems, we understand the importance of reliability and safety as it relates to valve actuation. With GUARD VALVE®, we are proud to have developed what has become the industry’s leading valve product line.

GUARD VALVE® features sturdy, stainless-steel hand wheels with an optional speed handle and a high visibility valve position indicator that allows for clear, unambiguous true valve position indication. These features are just part of what makes GUARD VALVE® the preferred choice for both shipyards and vessel owners.

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