PV Valves & Ship Tank Venting

For over 25 years, our simple but technologically-innovative PV valves and ship venting products have ensured safe passage for tank barges and ships.

PV valves and ship tank venting for the utmost safety.

For over 25 years, our simple but technologically innovative deadweight principle PV valves have ensured safe passage for both tank barges and tank ships.

Our long-term partnership with world-class manufacturer TankTech ensures that our valves are quality-built according to the latest IMO and Class requirements. What’s more, each of our valves can be supplied in a variety of sizes and materials to match your exact specifications. For barge customers, we also offer complete vent stack as well as flame screens for gas freeing operations.

From simple tools that keep you in business day-to-day to complex, ground-breaking methods, designs and systems, our engineers are setting the maritime industry standard.

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