From API reels fitted at marine terminals to Xenon explosion-proof strobe lights, we manufacture and supply the highest quality accessories to the commercial marine and industrial markets.

Add an accessory, increase efficiency.

We offer a variety of GUARD LEVEL® products, including API Receptacle, API Pigtail, Tandem Load Switch, BTLB, and Signals. Other accessories include Central JB, Batteries, Pressure Gauges, Solar Panels, Vaporguard, Signage, Terminal Reel-API, and 40 Ton Winches.

What’s more, through our trusted partners, we are a reseller of the MMC series of UTI (Ullage Temperature Interface) ball valves as well as iridium SATCOM data plans.

Bergan Marine Systems meets your expectation of superior products and services by leveraging years of industry experience and continually investing in new technologies.

Have operational demands that require unique product specifications? Contact us to learn more about our custom engineering services.

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