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Bergan Connect is our cloud solution for wired and wireless systems, providing data for every vessel.

Bergan Connect is our premier cloud data service, keeping all your essential vessel operations in one place. It updates any vessel, no matter the age, with the latest 2024 technology.

Keeping You Ahead of the Curve

Access Your Data From Any Device

From your onboard computer to your office laptop to a mobile device, Bergan Connect is there. Bergan Connect ensures that your data is accessible when you need it. Always know your vessel’s location, your cargo data, and monitor alarms remotely.

Up-To-The-Minute Accuracy

We understand that every minute counts in the 24/7/365 marine industry. Our up-to-the-minute accuracy ensures that your vessel’s information is updated and accurate, providing you with a snapshot of your vessel’s status at any given time.

Easy Install

Electrical and data cabling can be costly to install and maintain. But, with Bergan Marine System’s powerful wireless node, minimal cabling is required for installation. Our wireless devices easily attach to our tank level, temperature, and pressure measurement equipment. Right out of the box, it’s ready to talk with our electrical cabinet.

Export Tank Data for Further Analysis

In the age of information, understanding data is key to understanding the future. Export your vessel’s data to your own computer system to better understand your vessel operations. Additionally, in Q2 2024, we will have a published Bergan tank data API to allow for an easy integration.

Bergan Connect users receive the latest technology with their monthly subscription. As the industry evolves, Bergan Connect will always be one step ahead.

Read more about how we are working with our partners to bring you the best in the marine industry’s data driven future.

Learn About Our Partners

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Helm Operations

Helm is the #1 platform for your marine operations. Helm brings together maintenance, compliance, personnel, and operations together in one user-friendly system.

With Helm Connect and Bergan Connect, all of your essential operations are consolidated into one platform.

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Bergan Marine Systems provides CargoMax in partnership with Herbert-ABS. For over 35 years, CargoMax has set the standard in shipboard stability and load management. Click here to read more.

HECSALV, the world’s leading salvage software, provides available data, defines the parameters of a problem, and evaluates multiple scenarios in times of a vessel emergency.

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ioCurrents is a leading maritime analytics company, providing operators with the tools to optimize fuel, predict failures, and improve maintenance.

Bergan Connect provides the data to ioCurrents, where it is then analyzed in real time. Barge and tug operators can harness this data to plan maintenance schedules in advance, ensuring efficiency and safety.

Coming soon, integrations with other leading marine software solutions . . .


Aiding with the Green Transition

Bergan Connect makes the green transition more seamless and successful.

  • Track Vessel Emissions Data – See an accurate measurement of your carbon footprint, optimize fuel and identify ways to reduce emissions.
  • Utilize Current Equipment – We can create a Bergan Connect System by retrofitting an existing wired system with our sensors and communication equipment.
  • Data-Driven Decisions – Use your vessel’s data to make maintenance decisions that ensure optimal performance.
  • Renewable Energies – Harness energy resources from solar powered equipment and products.
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