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GUARD LEVEL® Deck Alarm Cabinet+ (DAC+)

Deck Alarm Cabinet Plus

The GUARD LEVEL® Deck Alarm Cabinet Plus (DAC+)  is  a  durable  solar-powered  monitor  and  alarm  panel.  It forms  the  building  block  for  our  SMARTBARGE®  integration  and  other  inventory  control  systems.

The DAC+’s rugged design  is  ideal  for  open  deck  mounting  onboard  river  and  coastal  tank  barges. The DAC+ has Independent High Level (HL) and Overfill Level (HHL) alarms  for  up  to  12  tanks. This makes it a match for land-based tank batteries or other remote locations when power is not easily accessible.

Add a  PLC  (programmable  logic  controller)  capability  and  the  DAC+  becomes  a  data  collection  central  unit  for  any  4-20mA/HART  type  of  sensor. This includes level,  temperature,  pressure, and oxygen levels. Furthermore, the PLC option can communicate with a remote explosion-proof display, like our GUARD  LEVEL®  MTDE  (Multifunction  Tank  Display  Extension).

Not only can it collect data, it can also transmit data and collect associated alarms when you set up a wireless modem. This includes information such as time stamp, GPS location and system status. Status readings include battery percentage, solar panel voltage and solar charge for all power sources, and DAC+ total system draw. Additionally, a wireless transmission can be conveniently set for fixed intervals, events or GPS driven.

The product information PDF can be found here.

GUARD LEVEL® Deck Alarm Cabinet+ (DAC+)

Product Features

The GUARD LEVEL® Deck Alarm Cabinet Plus (DAC+) is a durable solar-powered monitor and alarm panel that forms the building block for our SMARTBARGE® integration and other inventory control systems.

Additional Information


– All SS NEMA 4x (IP67) enclosure
– Low power 24VDC deck alarm cabinet
– Independent High Level (HL) and Overfill (HHL) alarms for up to 12 tanks.
– 175,000 CP strobe lights and 108DB horns
– Bright yellow and red long-lasting LEDs provide tank alarm status
– Separate external battery box with 2EA
– 12V 55AH deep cycle lead acid batteries
– Auto-shutdown after 24 hours help protect batteries
– Dual 80w solar panel and frame included

Options include an interface to tank level sensors, interface to GUARD LEVEL®MTDE deck display, a fail-safe shore connect, and an iridium satcom modem and GPS.

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