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For 45 years, Bergan Marine Systems has stood as world-class, industry-leading marine safety consultants and equipment suppliers of cargo protection systems for barges, ships, and U.S. government vessels.

Marine Safety Consultants

Protecting life, property, and the environment. Since 1975.

Be it our float level alarm sensors, radar level gauges, custom and/or automated systems, or critical data sensor equipment that transmits shipping details wirelessly, our products will help keep your vessel compliant and your cargo covered.

More than just a marine safety equipment supplier, we are designers, engineers, manufacturers, and meticulous craftsmen. When off-the-shelf products don’t suffice, we shine in creating custom marine systems that address the unique challenges of the shipwrights, engineers, naval architects, and shipyards we are proud to serve.

Made in America, ISO-qualified, and certified intrinsically safe, confidently protect life, property, and the environment by preventing spills before they happen.

About Us

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Custom Systems

As marine safety consultants, we assess your goals, identify your vessel’s needs, and create a complete custom cargo safety system that integrates our high-tech solutions, including Level Gauging, Level Alarms, Valve Automation, and Custom Sensors.

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Cargo Safety Products

Leveraging the use of technology as often as we can, and meeting regulatory requirements at all times, our reliable and low-maintenance products prevent hazardous chemical, fuel, or oil spills before they happen.

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24/7 Support

We directly service everything we make, so you’ll get 24/7 personalized service and support from some of the most highly-trained and experienced technicians in the field. Most importantly, we warrant our work to further protect your investment – wherever the seas may take you.

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Industrial Solutions

From custom fabrications to industrial applications, our 46,000 sq ft state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allows us to design more than just cargo safety solutions.

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We’re on Mission

To protect life, environment, and property through industry-leading technology and innovative solutions.


Rooted in tradition, voyaging into the future.

Established yet innovative, trusted yet pioneering, our 45-year-old history as leaders in the marine cargo protection industry is deeply rooted in tradition but headed full sail into the future.


As we pivot to serve a new generation of technologically savvy customers, we are more dedicated than ever to providing cutting-edge innovation and around-the-clock customer service–no matter your trough or your time zone.

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Complete custom marine system that leverages our industry-leading, high-tech solutions.

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Quality products designed with expert craftsmanship that proactively address our customers’ needs.

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Sustainability Commitment

Environmental preservation, technology, and community is at the forefront of everything we do.

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