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GUARD LEVEL® Alarm Monitoring Unit (AMU)

Alarm Monitoring Unit

The GUARD LEVEL® Alarm Monitoring Unit (AMU)  is  an  independently  powered,  main  alarm  control  unit  for  detection  of  High  Level  (HL)  and  Overfill  Level  (HHL)  sensors. It provides superior control with voltage-free relay for external signals, cable monitoring for each circuit, individual alarm blocking, and a built-in power fail alarm.

This versatile, compact device has 32 digital outputs. It can  monitor  any  4-20mA/HART  loop  sensor, both open and short circuits. All programmed settings are stored in non-volatile Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only  Memory  (EEPROM). The only exception is blocking code, so all channels are automatically enabled when the unit is rebooted.

Additionally, the AMU utilizes high precision A/D conversion for all channel measurements. Cable shorts and cable breaks on individual  channels  are  detected  and  alarmed.  Individual LED indication and a custom nameplate is provided for each channel. All measured data, as well as remote acknowledgment, is  handled  from  the  GUARD  LEVEL® Master Control Unit (MCU)  and  associated  GUARD  LEVEL® Cargo Management System Plus (CMS+) software. This is done through the  built-in  RS422  communication  port. 

With the digital output option, the  AMU  can  be  supplied  without  a  front  panel.  In this case, all alarm  indications are discreet LEDs on the MCU or in a customer provided console.

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GUARD LEVEL® Alarm Monitoring Unit (AMU)

Product Features

The GUARD LEVEL® Alarm Monitoring Unit (AMU) is an independently powered, main alarm control unit for detection of HL and overfill alarm sensors providing superior control with smart features including voltage-free relay for external signals, cable monitoring for each circuit, individual alarm blocking and a built-in power fail alarm.

Additional Information


– Independent alarm monitoring
– Voltage-free relay for external signals
– Cable monitoring for each circuit (open and short)
– Individual alarm blocking
– Alarm delay function
– Built-in power fail alarm
– Alarm acknowledged button
– System test button
– Serial communication
– 32 digital outputs available

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