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GUARD LEVEL® Cargo Alarm Signals

Cargo Alarm Signals

A cargo alarm signal is a core safety feature onboard any marine vessel. External alarms give audio and visual warning, provide pressure/vacuum alarm, system power fail indications and warnings, and keeps cargo and lives safe.

Our cargo alarm strobe lights are constructed in stainless-steel housing and mounting base. We utilize a high strength acrylic lens for additional light protection. Our alarms are housed in a watertight NEMA 4X IP67 junction box. Bergan light fixtures are visible at one million CP (Candlepower) and 90 flashes per minute.

Our MEDC electric horns are 117 decibels with tone modulators for differing tone frequencies. The 316L stainless steel mounting painted to match the associated alarm light color. Explosion-proof electric horn units and air horns with explosion-proof solenoids are available as well.

GUARD LEVEL® Cargo Alarm Signals

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