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GUARD TEMP™ Single Point Sensor (SPS-100)

Single Point Sensor-100

The GUARD TEMPTM  Single Point Sensor (SPS-100) is a rugged stainless-steel insertion-type sensor for tank wall or typical cargo piping connections. We offer a number of options- including for small tanks.

The unit’s removable PT-1000 wire wound platinum Resistance Temperature Detection (RTD) type temperature sensors are fitted into a RTD to 4-20mA Intrinsically Safe certified converter. Probe length is customizable, while process connections can be either screw-on or flange connection. Cabling is required. Temperature readings are displayed on a console and/or a deck display.

The product information PDF can be found here.

GUARD TEMP™ Single Point Sensor (SPS-100)

Product Features

The GUARD TEMPTM SPS-100 (single point sensor) is a rugged stainless steel insertion-type sensor for talk wall or typical cargo piping connections offering a number of options – including for small tanks.

Additional Information


– Single-point temperature sensor in piping and small tanks
– Replacement temperature sensor element without removing sensor and exposing line
– 100% stainless steel construction
– 3/4" NPT (or) flange connection
– Intrinsically safe

Options include portable handheld readout PTRU.
– 2-wire out 4-20MA transmitter (or) 3-wire out
– Platinum wire temperature sensor in 316L stainless steel thermo well

Cargo TemperatureGUARD TEMP™ Single Point Sensor (SPS-100)