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GUARD LEVEL® Portable Temperature Display Unit (PTDU)

Portable Temperature Display Unit

The GUARD TEMPTM Portable Temperature Display Unit (PTDU) is an Intrinsically Safe battery-operated temperature display device. When connected to the GUARD TEMPTM Barge Cargo Temperature Unit (BCTU), it provides quick and easy tank temperature indication of up to three measurement points simultaneously.

The BCTU can be configured to display either degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius. With its gold-plated spring connector and coaxial design, the BCTU is easily connected/ disconnected to the PTDU.

The product information PDF can be found here.

GUARD LEVEL® Portable Temperature Display Unit (PTDU)

Product Features

The GUARD TEMPTM PTDU (Portable Temperature Display Unit) is an intrinsically safe battery-operated temperature display device.

Additional Information


– Portable temperature readout
– 4 AA battery powered
– Displays up to 3 sensors simultaneously
– Replaces messy manual thermometers with clean accurate temp gauging
– Class 1, Div 1, Groups C and D
– Temperature readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius
– Used to read temperatures from our Barge Cargo Temperature Unit (BCTU)
– Certified intrinsically safe

Portable Hand-held DevicesGUARD LEVEL® Portable Temperature Display Unit (PTDU)