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GUARD LEVEL® Digital Float Gauge – DFG Series

Digital Float Gauge Series includes DFG, DFG-250 (All-in-One), DFG for pressure vessels, and DFG for Oil/Water interface

The GUARD LEVEL® Digital Float Gauge (DFG) sensor is a rugged and accurate tank gauge sensor ideal for cargo, ballast and service tanks.

The float magnetically actuates a series of digitally interfaced dry reed switches, which are physically spaced. Since this assures absolute accuracy, there is no need for recalibration during its life.

Additionally, this adaptable sensor can be supplied in any length of 0.5m increments up to a maximum of 20m. With a 150 or 300lb flange (optional), it is an ideal setup for LPG/Ethane and other liquefied compressed gas applications.

For cargo tank gauging, the GUARD LEVEL® DFG 250 ALL-IN-ONE version is the perfect solution. It combines the level gauging, High Level (HL) and Overfill Level (HHL) alarms, tank pressure, and tank temperature up to three points. It also has a UTI port for MMC or Hermetic style vapor ball valve in a single tank penetration.

Moreover, this sensor is easy to integrate. It only requires a single 6 or 8-core cable to the GUARD LEVEL® Master Control Unit. This reduces installation costs and minimizes trip hazards on deck. Additionally, the local LCD display can be optionally remote mounted. For simplicity, all electrical/electronic parts can be serviced from tank top without exposing tank vapor to the crew –keeping them safe.

The product information PDF can be found here.

GUARD LEVEL® Digital Float Gauge – DFG Series

Product Features

The GUARD LEVEL® Digital Float Gauge (DFG) sensor is a rugged and accurate tank gauge sensor ideal for cargo as well as ballast and service tanks – also available in an all-in-one version.

Additional Information


– Simple and reliable level gauge with 100% digital design
– Calibrated for life with absolute accuracy of 5mm (1/4")
– Full depth gauging available up to 20m (64')
– Simple 2-wire connection
– Intrinsically safe
– Lighted LED readout for convenient local display
– 100% stainless steel construction

Options include digital temperature gauge (max three points) without additional cabling, tank pressure sensor without additional cabling, and an ALL-IN-ONE configuration for cargo tanks.

Gauging SensorsGUARD LEVEL® Digital Float Gauge – DFG Series